Tumble 'N Dance Class Descriptions

Ballet: The mother of all dance. Ballet is the technical base for all other dance forms. Terminology, placement and movement will be taught through exercises at barre, centre, and across the floor in a developmentally appropriate manner. Students wear pink flat ballet shoes to class.


Tap: Style of dance using special shoes for making music with your feet. Tap teaches rhythm, coordination, and musicality. Students wear flat tan tap shoes.  


Jazz: Fun, upbeat style of dance.  The basics of jazz dance stem from ballet.  Jazz incorporates turns, kicks, and leaps with current dance moves and contemporary music. Students MUST take ballet while enrolled in jazz class. Students wear tan jazz gore boots.

Jazz – ages 4 1/2 ½ and up


Hip Hop: Funky style of dance widely seen in music videos.  Hip Hop is fun, energetic and good exercise.  Students must be at least 6 years old and wear dance sneakers to class.  


Gymnastics/Tumbling: Class consists primarily of floor tumbling in addition to stretching and conditioning exercises to increase flexibility and strength.  Students will work on a floor balance beam and are eligible to participate in our annual Christmas Program and Spring Recital as well.


Mom & Tot: Class designed specifically for kids ages 18 months – young 3’s.  One parent participates with their child.  Students will learn turn-taking skills, basic rhythm, musicality, and coordination through age-appropriate dance and gymnastics activities.  We even use fun props and music!  Mom & Tot is a non-performing class.


Adult Classes: Students ages 15 and up may take adult classes.  Classes offered to adults vary each season.  Adults with or without children enrolled at Tumble ‘N Dance are invited to take classes.  Participants pay by the class.  Classes are usually held in sessions for adults.


Lyrical: Optional class for Teams only. Contemporary style of dance that is expressive and interpretive, with strong foundations in ballet.  Dancers will utilize muscle control, strength, and emotion to perform this style of dance.  Students must be 9 years old with at least 2-3 years of ballet training, and teacher approval.


Acro-Contortion: Optional class for Teams only. Class is designed to teach the art of contortion in addition to acrobatic skills.  The class is similar to rhythmic gymnastics.  Students will increase flexibility, muscle control and fluidity of movement to create unique poses and tumbling skills. Class is reserved for Team  students ages 6 and up.


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Brand New to Dance/Gymnastics Classes?


Five Things Every Parent Should Know Before Choosing a Studio...


1. How and when do you get to observe your child in class?

Some studios only allow parents to observe their child’s class periodically throughout the year. Usually in these cases, all the parents are crammed into a classroom to observe their children. Unfortunately the observation week

may occur when your child’s sick and/or absent from class. At Tumble ‘N Dance we have the one-way observation windows where you can observe your child’s class anytime. It is also beneficial to prospective students and their parents to see what a class at TND is like.


2. What is the size of the class?

If the class has fewer students in it, each child can receive more individual attention, hopefully learn more, and have fun! With younger students it is easier for the teacher to maintain control of the class and make sure students understand the concepts and instructions. A smaller class also allows our teachers to ensure that students are not developing bad habits or improper

technique. The students will also have adequate room to  participate fully in their class. We accept 12 students per class, but usually the average class size is 8-10.


3. Will my child participate in any performances and what are the extras required for these recitals?

Most studios put on one recital at the end of the year in a local auditorium. At TND we afford our students the opportunity to participate in two performances per year; one at Christmas time and one in the spring. Students that perform in the recitals must have a costume for each of their dance numbers. Some studios require parents to make their child’s costume, or pay a seamstress to make it for them. Also, parents may be required to buy multiple costumes for dance classes. At TND, we select quality, company-made costumes for our students that function as a two-in-one costume. The costumes can easily and

creatively be converted for ballet/tap numbers and even gymnastics/jazz/hip hop numbers. This enables the parent to save some money on costumes that will most likely only be worn once. We also do all the measuring and ordering for costumes.        


4. Can I get immediate assistance and customer service?

To have a good experience, it is important to choose a studio that can assist you with details and questions concerning costumes, schedules, payments, etc. whenever you may need it. Our teachers spend their time in the classroom with your children, and our Office Assistants are located at the front counter to assist you with whatever you may need. Our goal is to provide all parents with the customer service they deserve.


5. Do you offer online payment or auto draft for tuition and other


At TND we offer parents the convenience of accessing their TND account 24-7. We use AKADA - DanceWorks for safely managing all our accounts. An AKADA link is located on our website. With an activated account, parents can set-up a password upon enrollment, and begin utilizing the online system. Parents can update personal information in the system as needed, view their child’s classes, review TND policies, make payments for posted charges, etc. In addition, if you’d like to utilize auto draft, just enter your credit card information on your account page and click the box for “Recurring Billing” and  your card on file will be debited for fees as they come due.

Click here for a registration coupon.Members of our Senior Team performing their award winning tap/musical theatre dance.
  • These tiny gymnast light up the stage at our recital.
  • Members of our Petite Challenge team show off their award winning jazz piece.