Tumble 'N Dance Policies

Tumble 'N Dance was established in 1989.  Our program is designed to build confidence, technique, character, coordination, discipline, flexibility, and a joy for learning.  We attempt to individualize instruction for our students in a positive and energetic environment. We pride ourselves in producing well-rounded dancers, gymnasts, and performers. At Tumble 'N Dance we offer Recreational classes, Competitive Teams, as well as Challenge classes.  Tumble 'N Dance is committed to providing you and your child with the best customer service and training in a fun and family-oriented environment.  



Class Offerings & Eligibility: Tumble ‘N Dance accepts beginner through advanced students’ ages 18 months - adults.  Children 18 months - young 3’s are only eligible to take the Mom & Tot class.  Mom & Tot classes are held by the session. Any student age 2 ½ may take classes other than Mom & Tot if they are potty-trained. We also offer instruction for developmentally delayed children.  A regular class must have at least 5 registrants in order for the class to be held and continued. Class size is usually 6 - 12 persons.  We offer mini-camps, workshops, and dance intensives during the summer.  


Class Options for Ages 18 months-3, 2.5-3.5, and 3.5-4.5 year olds

Gymnastics – 30 minutes

Ballet/Tap – 30 minutes

Gymnastics & Ballet/Tap – 1 hour

Gymnastics & Ballet or Tap – 45 minutes

Mom & Tot – 30 minutes (ages 18 mos.-3; offered by the session)


Class Options for Ages 5 -up

Gymnastics – 45 minutes

Ballet/Tap – 45 minutes

Ballet/Jazz – 45 minutes

Gymnastics & Ballet/Tap – 1 ½ hours

Gymnastics & Ballet/Jazz – 1 ½ hours

Hip Hop – 30 minutes (ages 6-up)

Adult Dance - 30 minutes-one hour (ages 15-up; classes offered by the session)


Additional Specialized Classes for Experienced/Serious Students Ages 9-up

Lyrical – 30 minutes (ages 9-up; Teams  only)

Acro-Contortion – 30 minutes (ages 9-up; Teams only)

Pointe – 30 minutes (ages 13-up; with instructor permission; Teams only)


Payment Guidelines: Tuition rates are based on a full season of lessons, a minimum of 32 classes per season.  Tuition can be paid in full for the entire season with a 5% discount, or divided into 9 ½ equal payments which are paid monthly.    If you choose the 9 ½ month tuition payment plan, then tuition is due on the first lesson of each month.  Tuition is considered late on the 13th of each month and a late fee will be charged unless prior arrangements have been made.  Tuition paid from the 13th-20th of the month will be assessed a $10.00 late fee.   Payments remitted on or after the 21st of the month will be assessed a $20.00 late fee. Tuition will NOT be pro-rated or adjusted due to missed classes due to illness, injury, vacations, etc. or for studio closings and/or holidays.  Absences can be made up in another appropriate class within 4 weeks of the absence. Tuition is assessed for the entire season (minimum of 32 class meetings), which is computed based on the scheduled studio closures, and factoring in possible weather/emergency closings.  There are NO REFUNDS FOR TUITION, REGISTRATION FEES, PERFORMANCE FEES, COSTUME DEPOSITS OR PAYMENTS, CAMPS, and WORKSHOPS OR SUPPLIES. If an account becomes delinquent by one month, the student will be asked to discontinue classes until all balances are paid in full. If you choose to pay tuition in full for the season and your child does NOT wish to continue lessons, an 80% refund can be obtained if a request is put in writing by September 30.  All checks returned for non-sufficient funds will be assessed a $25.00 fee, no exceptions.  Cash, credit/debit card, or money order payments for NSF fees must be made within five days of notification.  If anyone remits two NSF checks in a calendar year, all future payments must be in the form of cash, debit/credit card, or money order.  We offer an immediate family discount of 10% for two children and 13% for three or more children.  There are no family discounts for costumes or performance fees. No student will be allowed to participate in any Tumble 'N Dance performance unless all outstanding fees are paid in full.  In addition, costumes/attire and tickets will be held until accounts are paid in full, and  you will not be allowed to purchase tickets, programs, and/or performance DVD’s until accounts are current. Tumble ‘N Dance accepts checks, debit/credit cards, cash and money orders for studio payments.  Please visit www.akadasoftware.com to set-up your on-line account.  Your account must be activated by Tumble ‘N Dance using the email address you provide during registration.  Once activated, you can log on anytime to manage your account.


Registration: Tumble ‘N Dance accepts on-going registration, as spaces are available, from the start of classes-October and January-February. Registration must be done in person by the parent/guardian.  When registering, the following must be submitted at the time of registration: completion of registration form with parent/guardian’s signature, registration fee payment, and payment of first month/session’s tuition.  Pro-rating/adjusting of the first month’s tuition will only be done for NEW students, based on their start date.


Performances: Tumble 'N Dance produces two optional performances a year: A Christmas Program in December and a Spring Recital in late May or early June. Performances are usually held at a local auditorium.  The Christmas Program fees are usually due in October.  Spring Recital information will go out in December.  A 50% recital costume deposit is due the first week of January, and the recital performance fee is due in March/April.  


Cost breakdown example:

Christmas Program - $45.00 attire + $20.00 performance fee = $65.00 apprx. total

Spring Recital - $65.00 per costume + $65.00 performance fee = $130.00 apprx. total


Holidays, Inclement Weather, Make-Up Classes: Tumble 'N Dance's seasonal calendar closely resembles the Henry County School Systems' calendar, but not exactly. Please refer to your Closing Dates Notice or visit our website for the exact dates.  Classes will not be rescheduled nor will tuition be pro-rated for these announced Tumble 'N Dance holidays. All classes’ are guaranteed to meet a minimum of 32 times per season.  In the case of inclement weather and the closing of Henry County Schools, Tumble 'N Dance will NOT hold classes. In these cases, tuition will not be refunded, pro-rated and make-up lessons will not be scheduled. Any student who misses a lesson due is eligible for a make-up lesson in another appropriate class. All make-up classes must be made-up within four weeks of the student's absence or the lesson is forfeited. All make-up classes must be pre-arranged with the Office Staff.


Illness & Injuries: Please do not send a sick or feverish child to class. If your child becomes sick or injures themselves while at Tumble 'N Dance, we'll notify you to pick them up and begin first aid as needed. Please update your personal information with the Office Staff or via your child’s online account at ww.akadasoftware.com if it changes during your time of enrollment. This is for your child’s safety and in case of emergency closings. If your child is ill or injured and cannot attend a scheduled performance or class, tuition and or fees associated with the performance/class will not be refunded or pro-rated.


Classroom Procedures & Observation Policies: We strive to promptly begin and end our classes on time. A late pick-up fee will be assessed if a student is not picked up within 10 minutes of the conclusion of their class. The fee will only be waived if prior notification is made to Tumble ‘N Dance concerning the late pick-up. Please do not send siblings or friends, who are not enrolled, to class with your child. No child can be left unattended at any off-site performance, rehearsal or function. To eliminate unnecessary trips to the restroom, please have your child use the restroom before class. Please inform your Lead teacher if your child has a physical problem that may render special attention. Parents may observe class from the observation windows, wait in the waiting area, or leave and return at the conclusion of class. We request that parents do not enter a classroom while a class is in session. This can be distracting; it further contributes to children's possible separation anxiety, and prevents a teacher's ability to manage their classroom effectively. Instructors and their assistants will promptly request your help if needed. Please try to remain out of sight during class transitions, etc. to help your child remain focused on their class. Please write your child’s name in all personal belongings; especially dance shoes. Each student needs a bag for their shoes. Please only allow class supplies in dance bags; please no food, toys or keys.


E-Mail / Website / Facebook / Online Accounts: Tumble ‘N Dance primarily disseminates information to parents through email. Please note on your Registration Form if you wish to receive all future information via email. If you do not have email access, please request a hard-copy of the information that was emailed. It is a parent’s responsibility to stay abreast of all Tumble ‘N Dance information. If you ever have any question or concern or feel you may have missed important information, please see the Office Staff, check the website at www.tumblendance.net, or the Tumble ‘N Dance Facebook page. We’ll do all we can to get important and time sensitive information to you. Don’t forget to update your personal information on your child’s Registration Card at the studio and/or via their online account at www.akadasoftware.com whenever it may change. In addition, please like our Tumble ‘N Dance Facebook page so you can see what’s happening at T ‘N D. Again, don’t forget to activate and update your child’s Tumble ‘N Dance online account at www.akadasoftware.com. This will hopefully be a useful tool for you and your family.


Revised 3/17

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